Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu

West Coast Wing Chun Layton

Sifu Lee Kim, Head Instructor

Open in 2012, the Layton Branch is operated by the Head Instructor, Sifu Lee Kim (pictured above).  As the Third Branch of our Headquarters School, West Coast Wing Chun in Signal Hill, CA, the Layton Branch serve to promote, preserve, cultivate and pass on traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu.  We do not add nor take away from the roots of Wing Chun.  We strive to begin a student’s life journey into Wing Chun through the completion of the “Introduction to Wing Chun” Boot Camp Program (a 12-weeks program designed to instill fitness, strength, endurance, core-development, mental-awareness and overall body-fitness).  Upon completion, the student will have the opportunity to be accepted into our Kung Fu family and become an official student of West Coast Wing Chun; an entitlement to be able to train at one of our 4 locations at anytime (Signal Hill CA, San Diego CA, Layton UT and Houston TX).